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Moving to Huatulco, Living in Huatulco, Retiring in Mexico

Do you have questions about moving to (or life in) Huatulco?

I appreciate your interest in learning more about life in Huatulco.

Cindy has been a resident of Mexico for 26 years, and has lived in Huatulco since 2017.

Whether you're thinking of moving to Huatulco, spending more time here, or it's your first time visiting, you can book a consult with Cindy to ask her all of your most pressing questions!

You'll have one hour on a Whatsapp video chat. By the time you've completed this session with your Expat Coach you'll feel far more confident and be more knowledgeable and most importantly will have the answers to your questions.

The cost of a one hour 1:1 Whatapp video chat with Cindy is $100 USD.

If you're coming down to Huatulco on vacation (or you're already here!), we'd love to take you on a private customized full day tour!

This 6 hour tour (both walking and in our car) is to find out if living in Huatulco is for you!

We'll point out the different sectors of Huatulco, and the pros of cons of living in each, learn where to set up (and pay) your utilities, which ATM's are safe to use, where to shop for furnish your accommodations, we'll go into a grocery store and do a walk through, where to find natural health products and specialty foods, as well as the different transportation methods and how to use them, how to travel to small towns around Huatulco, and we always try to cater this tour to your lifestyle.

The cost of a 6-hour Private Full Day Customized Expat Tour Experience is $400 USD.

You have lots of questions!

We have some great resources for you.

I have a 'quick question' for Cindy! Can I just Whatapp you?

No, unfortunately I do not answer questions via Whatsapp.

Due to high demand, I offer 1:1 consultations and full day expat tours (both which you can book above). This allows me to dedicate individual time and resources to each client, providing a more personalized experience.

Alternatively, I have a huge video library on topics about life in Huatulco which you can check out here:

What happens if I have a medical emergency while I'm in Huatulco?

It's not quite as easy as dialing 911 here!

You should consider having private medical insurance (we suggest Safety Wing) when travelling to Huatulco.

If you're over the age of 65 and have a medical/health issue or questions while in Huatulco, I would suggest contacting Gerontologist Veronica on Whatsapp at +52 1 958 142 8947.

Oromed Huatulco has a multidisciplinary team for all your medical needs. They can treat emergencies, can do procedures, and have a surgical department.

How can I see a doctor or have a house call for a non-emergency while I'm in Huatulco?

Central Medica Huatulco (Private) is multispecialty hospital in Bahías de Huatulco, Oaxaca, Mexico. Find patient reviews, specialty ranking and compare with nearby hospitals. There are many affordable walk-in clinics in Huatulco

You do not need a doctors note or requisition to get Xrays or ultrasounds in Mexcio! It is very affordable. I would suggest going to see Dr. Oran at Central Medica Huatulco. You can contact his receptionist, Roxanna, through Whatsapp at +52 1 958 121 5001.

You can get labs, EKG's, and a doctors appointment at Huatulco Laboratory. You can contact Dr Alejandro Damian on Whatsapp at +52 1 958 111 7715.

What if I need to see a dentist while I'm there?

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How do I find a place to stay or rent while I'm in Huatulco? Can you help?

If you’re specifically looking for information on property rentals, help finding properties, etc. you can reach out to my colleague Martha Reyes on Whatapp at +52 1 958 142 7429. Tell her Cindy sent you!