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This 6 hour tour (both walking and in our car) is to find out if living in Huatulco is for you!

We'll point out the different sectors of Huatulco, and the pros of cons of living in each, learn where to set up (and pay) your utilities, which ATM's are safe to use, where to shop for furnish your accommodations, we'll go into a grocery store and do a walk through, where to find natural health products and specialty foods, as well as the different transportation methods and how to use them, how to travel to small towns around Huatulco, and we always try to cater this tour to your lifestyle.

Whether you're thinking of moving to Huatulco, spending more time here, or it's your first time visiting, you can book a consult with Cindy to ask her all of your most pressing questions!

You'll have one hour on a Whatsapp video chat. By the time you've completed this session with your Expat Coach you'll feel far more confident and be more knowledgeable and most importantly will have the answers to your questions.

Meet Fred and Cindy by:

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Cindy Charles Ouellette has lived in Mexico 26 years as teacher, mom, and wife.

She creates fun videos related to Bahias de Huatulco and living in Mexico.

Her husband, Fred, helps by always being encouraging and driving around town in their 4-wheeler.

He helps with Expat Services. Cindy's original "Retire in Mexico" YouTube channel had over 20,000 YouTube subscribers and 600 videos.

In 2022, Fred & Cindy ventured out to a new "Life in Huatulco" YouTube Channel We show the pathways and details about: Moving to Mexico and Retiring in Mexico and Life in Huatulco.

Huatulco Relocation Services:

Latest Major Concerns about Huatulco Revealed;

Clarity about fears & insecurities moving to Mexico,

Local ladies help you find an Apartment.

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What Our Clients Are Saying...

“Cynthia‘s Boot Camp tour is a relocation master class. You can watch all the videos from various YouTubers about living Mexico, but nothing compares to the experience of seeing it for yourself. Cindy orients you to the area by showing you the many neighborhoods (sectors) and essentials needed for day-to-day life; where to pay your bills, medical facilities, pharmacies, police department, ATMs and grocery stores. Most importantly, she gives you critical insights on the local culture and Mexican way of doing things. I left Huatulco feeling confident I knew the key details necessary to make an informed decision about moving Mexico.”

Denise E.

May 2023

Boot Camp Expat Training Attendee

Huatulco Relocation Services is a must; if you are deciding if Huatulco is right for you to move to, live part-time, or work in remotely. This comprehensive tour gave me an inside look and feel of La Crucecita. More than a tour, I learned how to find the most important and valuable items needed to live here Huatulco. For example, transportations for getting around, banking & ATM's, health & emergency resources, the types of food stores, where to shop & eat, plus: much much more. Working with Cindy & Fred made all the difference for my relocation. Reach out to them to get your questions answered and book an incredible Huatulco discovery day! I highly recommend this valuable resource!

Larry Matthews,

Boot Camp Expat Training Attendee

Boulder Colorado

Retire in Mexico

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